My Story

I started out with a Vision of my own, I wanted to use my knowledge & experience to assist people to achieve their own Goals & Aspirations, setting this Business up was one of my own Life Goals, it is the culmination of a passion I have of working with People to see them Grow & achieve their own Goals, seeing people Achieve their dreams & be succesful is something I draw great satisfaction from.

Having worked in the Corporate world for over 25 Years I realised that not everyone has or can have access to the Education & Methods they use to grow their Workforce or Drive their Business, this is where I want to bring these Methods & Processes to Everyone & make them available to You, albeit in a simple & Jargon free way

Meet Harvey

My experience extends from Business Analyst, Project Manager, Test Manager & Team Leader roles during my 25 years within IBM, I have undertaken extensive Education in not only the above roles but also Meeting Facilitation & Customer Service, I am an ITIL v3 Practitioner, have undertaken extensive Education in Agile Methods as well as been part of several Agile Squads, I am Certified as an Advisory Product Services Professional & Design Thinking Practitioner by IBM.

I have worked extensively across various Countries & Cultures, from Europe to North & South America & more recently right throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

In the past I have worked in Motorsport, Manufacturing & Car Sales, I currently Compete in Archery at State & National Level,    I also Judge, Train & Compete in the Dog Sports called Canine Disc (Frisbee) & Jetty Jumping


Harvey Price


Next Steps...

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