My Services

Services include
Goal Setting
Leadership Coaching
Meeting Facilitation
Business Planning
Business Process Engineering
Business Analysis Coaching
End to End Service Management
Customer Service Management

Free No Obligation Discussion

I offer a Free No obligation 30 Minute Consultation where we will meet & discuss your requirements, together we can decide if I am the right person to assist you, I will also be able to determine what direction will best suit your circumstances

Prices start from $85 per hour depending on the Service.

Some Service offerings are outlined below


I can assist you in your drive to achieve Your Life ambition, between us we can build a roadmap that will incrementally get you to your Goal

Leadership Coaching

Just been given your first Leadership Role, or are you Part of a Team where you want to be recognised as a Leader, I can assist you with  recognising your Leadership style, are you a Doer or do you Delegate??

Goal Setting

I can build with you Short, Medium & Long Term Goals, sometimes it is hard to see what steps to take to get where you want to be, you know the ultimate End of the Journey but how do I get started & continue on??

Meeting facilitation

Impartial Meeting Facilitation, Time managed & ensuring digression from topics are kept to a minimum, will work with you to ensure that the Meeting Agenda is met capturing Outcomes & Actions

Business Planning

Starting up a New Business or wishing to expand on your Current Business, I can assist you in Building your Plans & Goals, Business Plans assist you in Documenting your strategy, they help you understand the Potential Risks & Rewards, they are also useful to ensure you have all the elements in place to make sure you are successful via Checklists.

Process Engineering

Ensure you are doing things in the most efficient & cost effective manner it is important to understand your processes, in order to get from A-B understanding the steps involved gives a great insight into potential waste or savings, be it Time, Materials or People, all of which can cost or make you Money!!!.

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